Workplace Noise Assessment

Exclusive benefits for Anitech Noise Assessment clients:

Employee Noise Exposure is calculated for you
Following our measurements we will calculate for you the actual level of noise your employees or employee groups are exposed to. This allows you to make an easy comparison against the Noise Exposure Standard meaning that hearing protection level selection and deciding if further action is needed is a simple process.

Receive not just a Noise Report but also a Compliance Action Plan
Following your Noise Assessment Report we will compile for you a summary of the current noise related OHS Legislation taken from the Act, Regulations and Australian Standards. The information we provide will specifically apply to your business and your unique situation. This will save you a great deal of time trawling through legislation and makes achieving compliance easy.

Report de-brief is included
After we have completed your noise report and your Noise Action Plan and forwarded them to you. We will first allow you to process the report details then schedule in a time to provide you will a full de-brief via phone to explain the noise report and Noise Action Plan in detail and answer any questions you may have. We can make compliance simple!

Discounted Rates for Retesting
Book a noise assessment report with Anitech Noise Assessment and if your business requires a retest within 12 months (to verify noise controls or the addition of new equipment etc.) we will complete the retest at half the price of our normal service charge.

Discounted Rates for our services if we are a Second Opinion
Have you had a noise assessment report completed recently and not happy with the results? Feel that you are being rail-roaded into unnecessary audiometric testing that the noise assessor provides?

If you have had a noise report completed in the last 3 months and are not confident in the results the other tester has provided; Anitech Noise Assessment can retest your workplace, and provide you with an independent noise survey report for a discounted price of our normal service charge.

If you have:

  • Received a PIN from Worksafe;
  • Had queries from employees regarding noise levels;
  • Introduced new plant, vehicles or equipment, or;
  • Issued ear plugs or earmuffs to employees without workplace noise levels testing.

Then you are required by law or advised by applicable Australian Standards to assess your noise levels by means of a noise report.