Noise Hazards in the Workplace – What are they?

Noise hazards in the workplace may include; plant and equipment, radios, cars, aircraft, a busy office or even the outdoors. To identify noise hazards in the workplace complete a noise risk assessment. By using the noise risk assessment template provided for by Anitech Noise Assessment you may id

Noise Testing Services – a Practical Overview for employers

Once your noise risk assessment is complete you will have identified all noise hazards in the workplace. Now by enlisting the noise testing services of Anitech Noise Assessment you can receive a documented report on the exact sources and levels of your workplace noise. Anitech Noise Assessment will tailor a noise level survey specifically for your business ensuring that all workplace noise is accurately measured.

This can be done in two ways; either with a static test using hand held equipment or using dosimeters fitted to employees to provide a noise exposure assessment for that individual.

The benefits of an individual noise exposure assessment using a dosimeter are that you are provided with an accurate figure for the amount of workplace noise that this particular employee has been exposed to. A noise exposure assessment for your employees does take a little more time to complete over a static assessment and may not be suitable for every situation. We will advise you on the most appropriate, cost effect noise testing services for your business.

Once noise testing services are complete you only need to review your documented workplace noise levels within your report and refer to the provided Noise Action Plan to start addressing and reducing your hazardous occupational noise.

Noise Exposure Assessment – A Practical Overview for those who supply, import or manufacture plant.

Those responsible for purchasing are becoming increasingly safety conscious. Safety Officers and Managers in many businesses have put in place safety guidelines for purchasing plant and equipment. Often at the top of the list is ‘will this purchase generate workplace noise?’ or ‘Will this purchase add to the noise hazards in the workplace?’

Anitech Noise Assessment can provide noise level survey reports for individual items of plant. We can tailor the service and perform the testing from the perspective of a noise exposure assessment for an operator or measure the general noise output of the item of plant.

By utilizing our noise testing services you can provide to your customers an accurate noise level survey report for your items of plant. This allows your customers to make an informed decision and will put you ahead of your competition.

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