Anitech Audiometric Testing offers a range of services to clients


Onsite Audiometric testing

As part of our service we will travel to your company premises and carry out Audiometric testing on your employees.


Individual and summary reports for all employees tested

We include as part of our service a complete summary of the audiometric screening test results, and an analysis of employee tests with previous results and all relevant documentation to achieve legal compliance.


Employee education on how to protect their hearing

Educational material will be provided to each employee about the impacts of hearing loss and how to protect themselves from the hazards of noise.


We can supply Personal Protective Equipment!

Anitech Noise Solutions has partnerships with a range of manufacturers and suppliers of P.P.E. Ask our friendly sales team about our FREE P.P.E site audit program that is available to all of our customers.

Assisting Business all over Australia

Anitech Noise Solutions is Australia’s leading provider of Occupational Noise Assessments and Audiometric testing! We complete workplace noise testing and Audiometric assessments in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and right across Australia!

Did you know; that as per the WHS/OHS Act/Regulations in your state that as an employer you have a legal obligation to ensure that employees (and others) are not exposed to a risk to their health & safety as a result of noise exposure.

Why is workplace noise testing so important? Because Injury Statistics released by the Safety Regulators in each state show that 30% of all Workers Compensation claims are related to hearing loss!

The average direct cost for a noise related Workers Compensation claim is $7000. Indirect costs associated with the claim are conservatively estimated at $35,000. That’s a $42,000 loss for your business per claim!

Audiometric Testing

By completing workplace noise testing with Anitech Noise Solutions, you have taken the first (and largest) step towards reducing the risk to your business that hazardous occupational noise creates.

Anitech Noise Assessment provides a unique noise testing service for employers where we will provide you with a workplace noise assessment, an action plan to help you with your legislative compliance and we will also offer a full debrief to thoroughly explain the noise survey and answer any questions you may have.

To assist manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of plant in providing the information that their customers require; Anitech Noise Solutions can complete a noise survey on individual items of plant and provide a detailed written report on the noise output measured.

We provide information on complying with your states laws in relation to hazardous occupational noise. It’s important to consider that the employer bears onus on insuring that their workplace is safe. The only way to demonstrate that your workplace is safe from a noise perspective would be to complete an occupational noise assessment.

If as an employer you issue hearing protection to your employees, then the WHS/OHS Act/Regulations in your state requires an employer to submitted its employees for Audiometric testing.

What exactly is a Workplace
Noise Assessment or Noise Survey?

The terms noise assessment, noise survey, workplace noise testing, occupational noise assessment and workplace noise assessment are all interchangeable. To put them simply a noise assessment is the process of having a professional attend your business and measure the noise levels generated throughout your operations.

Each occupational noise assessment is different to the one before it as each business is unique. An assessor will attend your business and using equipment as specified in the Australia Standard for Occupational Noise Management will measure noise generated from machinery, tools and the environment from which your employee’s work within.

The Assessor will provide you with a workplace noise assessment report and if you are a Anitech Noise Assessment client  you will also receive a colour-coded noise map, compliance action plan and a full de-brief on your noise survey results.

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Concerned about the Noise
Levels in your Workplace?
Anitech Audiometric Testing can assist! As Australia's leading provider
of Audiometric Tests we not only provide onsite hearing tests; we also
provide site noise testing and tailored advice on complying with the laws
in your state.
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Do you issue hearing
protection to your employees?
Audiometric test is required at least every two years for all employees
who are required to wear hearing protection
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