Construction sites, factories and a number of industries are exposed to high levels of noise, and their employees are required to work in conditions that are not conducive to their health. This is a matter, which has gained a lot of publicity because it has caused hearing loss to millions throughout the world. Companies generally do not believe they are required to care for the hearing of their employees and noise-induced workplace hearing loss is a matter, which the employee has to manage on his or her own. Fortunately, the authorities in America have taken a different view of this matter along with some other countries as well. They have determined that noise-induced hearing loss at the workplace is detrimental to the overall health of the employee and have therefore suggested protective measures which companies are required to implement. This has been passed as legislation and companies are now required to abide by the regulations failing which they could be penalized or even face litigation.

Audiometric Testing

Hearing loss is entirely preventable and companies are just required to implement the regulations as provided by the law. They can have audiometric testing conducted at their workplaces regularly. These are the same as a hearing test and will give the testing technician information about whether the employee has suffered from noise-induced hearing loss at the workplace. Advances in the techniques of testing have even made it possible for companies to invite testing labs over to their workplaces for the testing to be conducted. They are no longer required to send their employees out and lose valuable man-hours. They can get the results of the testing immediately with the assurance that they are reliable, and in line with the laws mentioned by the governing authorities.

Companies are required to conduct audiometric testing annually if they involved in a business which is highly noisy. They are also required to maintain records of the results and make them available for inspection if they are ever required. These steps have been taken after a number of employees reported loss of hearing because of working in their workplace. Apart from hearing loss, the medical fraternity also found other issues such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, sleep disorders and loss of attention among employees who reported these findings. It was thereafter decided that the employees need to be given protective equipment in order to safeguard their hearing and overall well-being.

Companies that decide to safeguard their employees will stand to benefit from their actions simply because they are making it possible for their employees to become more productive and deliver better results on the job. They are taking preventive actions, which are necessary for the overall health of the employee. The company is giving out a feeling that they care for the benefit of their workers and are not only concerned about their own profitability.

On the other hand, there are companies that are ignoring these matters and are facing trouble not just with the law but also with the employee who is not performing as required and even claiming damages from them for the hearing impairment they suffered.

Looking at how companies can benefit simply by having audiometric tests conducted it can be concluded that it would be better for them to conduct the testing than to deal with the problems that are associated with an issue which is entirely preventable.